I’m Everything I Ever Wanted

I’m everything I ever wanted.

I’m as petite as a bead,

but shines in a million colors.

I’m as intelligent as the rainfall,

always knowing when to fall and who to fall on.

I’m as wise as a preacher,

but a preacher who also learns.

I’m as strong as a dam holding the water in,

but time to time breaking in.

I’m as creative as the stars,

planting themselves in the clear night sky.

I’m as rebellious as the moon crossing the sun,

therefore creating a solar eclipse that leaves us all in darkness.

I’m as upbeat as tap dancing shoes,

only stopping until the performance is done.

I’m as adventurous as a train,

not knowing where the next station is but going anyway.

I’m as dark as my chestnut eyes,

and my eyes are as deep as the ocean.

I’m as unique as my paintbrush,

randomly painting its way through the canvas called life.

I’m as sweet as a mother’s lullaby,

and with a voice as comforting as a friend’s touch.

I’m as beautiful as the tunes the wind plays,

passing through bamboo trees.

I’m everything I ever wanted.


Your Talents Are Your Weapons…With Hard Work,That Is

Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard -Tim Notke

Talents are blessings. They are something we can’t take for granted. They help us, but hard work is always required. Nothing,no title, comes to you effortlessly. A singer can have a really great voice, but without practice, they can’t become better at it. A dancer can have strong momentum, but without practice, they can’t perfect the performance.

Talents can help you achieve in life. You will be recognized for you talents. SO PUT THEM TO GOOD USE BY WORKING HARD TO ACHIEVE WITH THEM!


What I Called Beautiful by Maathurya S. (Essay Contest Entry)

Everything is beautiful; the way the clouds roll in the clear blue sky. How people become friends not even realizing it. The way your mother chastises you one second, and embraces you tight the next.
Life itself is beautiful. It keeps itself alive with happiness. That heart lifting feeling makes you feel beautiful inside. Even a smile is beautiful; as the lips curl and dimples form. What is even beautiful, is how it spreads.
Everyone is beautiful. No one is what you call vile and ugly. Whether it is the captivating looks or the alluring heart, it is defined as beautiful. Every being is beautiful to someone, and its the absolute truth. This is what I call beautiful.


It Is All by Maathurya S.

Life is a song,
with a rhythm of its own.
What flashes back and forth,
are the verses and the lines.

Life is a poem,
with a meaning beyond its own.
Back to back,
stands the emotions fighting for a place in the heart.

My life,
is what I choose.
I can’t decide its length,
but I can decide how to live it.

I choose to live life,
with everyone I love.
I won’t trade the memories,
for anything at all.

For what is life,
it is a journey that will drop one day,
fall in between,
but regain everything,
and life…

It is all.


“A Master Says ‘Now Go’, A Leader Says ‘Let’s Go’. Are You A Master Or A Leader?”

Everyone loves a leader. A good,headstrong leader. But something no one likes is a master. A master will never take baby steps with you. They will tell you what to do and you will obey to their orders. But a leader on the other hand, strives to encourage you,motivate you, and be with you along the way. A leader is the biggest inspiration, while a master is the biggest resource.

Life is full of leaders and masters. You meet them everyday. Masters will conquer the art of discipline,while leaders master the art of friendship. Whether you choose to be a leader or a master, I don’t know. Are you a leader or a master?


Deny and Regret

It’s what we have inside us,
but deny to put forward.
When we drown in an ocean of our own sins,
is when we regret not using it.

It’s what we try to show towards all,
but deny to give to some.
When we get treated the same way later,
is when we regret not showing it.

It’s what we consider in our thoughts,
but deny to use in our actions.
When we slowly turn to the dark side,
is when we regret not being it.